Cammrabbit Cam Woman Introduces New Live Sex Video Chat


Cammrabbit Camgirl (Camselfy) has recently introduced a new Live Sex Camming Service. In this video chat video you will see a real person, the webcam, and one-on-one private chat.

Regular webcam to private chat at any time

Regular webcam to private chat at any time

The new Live Sex Camming Service allows you to show your naughty side but at the same time not be overbearing or too intrusive. By using the client which is included with Cammrabbit Camwoman you can change from regular webcam to private chat at any time, and it’s always safe.

The service does have one thing that bothers me, there are quite a few people that give women the creeps when they use the Cammrabbit Cam Porn as their default to hide behind. You don’t want to be an object of curiosity. I believe that this is not the right way to handle it.

I would also like to see the lines of the adult cam sites “Deal With It” and Cam Porn site handle the issue better. We already know that they don’t handle it well. We do what we can.

The other thing that bothers me is the fact that they are now trying to sell their new “innovative” technology, and the free upgrades that are part of the deal. These guys really took their time to develop it, and they claim it’s the best! I would hope they have a better reason for trying to sell something that works than for someone to get to know us better?

Just want to see the sexual images

Just want to see the sexual images

I think that Cammrabbit Cam Porn is a great company. There are some problems I am still working out with the new feature, but they seem to be willing to work them out. When I go back to look for the video service in the future I will stay away from the company.

What concerns me more is the fact that they are now pushing private chat to their subscribers. Many of them don’t seem to care about anything, they just want to see the sexual images. The same person is using the same account all the time!

That means that you, the normal user who isn’t being bothered, are having a much easier time getting to know someone and then start talking to them on a more personal level. I’ve watched a couple of adult videos in there and it’s been hilarious! I’m telling you…the sex is so exciting, you almost want to talk dirty!

I feel this is going to turn into the standard spams and viruses that everyone is worried about, but I still feel that the new feature in Private Chat is worth the value it adds. If the Cammrabbit Camper looks like a snake then what are we all to think? To avoid this kind of things we need to maintain our “gut instinct”.

Know the performers better

Know the performers better

Now that you have seen the new features, you’ll want to get the live cam porn so you can see how the new software works, and to see the private chat that allows you to choose the new text box for the new service. If you’re not sure about all of this, take a minute to read the “What You Need to Know” section below.

For me the most important advantage of the Cammrabbit Cam Porn is that I can surf anonymously. I never think about what’s going on, and at the same time, get the best picture of what is going on. I can get to know the performers better without worrying about the police knocking on my door!

You can make sure to get your name and email address by signing up for this new site before the month is over. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll be back soon!

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